It’s our nature to grow.

Each year the Port Commission adopts a capital improvement budget that supports the Port of Camas-Washougal’s mission to drive economic development, create jobs, promote commerce and provide recreational opportunities. These capital improvements include a wide range of projects, to include wetland mitigation and restoration, building construction, and continuing management of all port owned properties and facilities. Below is a list of the projects we plan to complete in 2019.


  • J Dock Rehabilitation
  • Breakwater Access Design & Permitting
  • Fuel Terminal Upgrade


  • Airport Fuel Terminal Upgrade
  • Remodel AP-6
  • Roof Seal B-Row & D-Row Hangars
  • Sealing Taxiway next to Runway (south side)

Industrial Park

  • IP Shop Waste Oil Heater/Insulation/Shop Improvements
  • Rail Improvements
  • Building 18 Demising Walls & Restrooms
  • Steigerwald Levee
  • Gutter Repair – Building 7
  • Steigerwald Mitigation Plantings
  • Grant St. Electrical Extension
  • HVAC Replacement – Building 6, 8, & 10

Admin Office

  • No Projects for 2019


  • Waterfront Park Natural Play Area – Design/Engineering/Construction
  • Waterfront Development – Leland Group
  • Waterfront Stockpile Clearing & Grading
  • Waterfront Revitalization Project
  • Master Plan Design – YBA
  • Stormwater Design – DOWL