Fueling Dock

Fuel Dock Closed Until Memorial Day Weekend

The fuel dock is currently closed for construction. The new renovated fuel dock will be constructed of a HDPE (high density polyethylene) float system with a steel frame structure. This float system uses polystyrene encased in long HDPE tubes with a rigid steel frame to provide structural integrity. With the exception of around the fuel pumps, the walking surface of the new dock will be constructed of fiberglass grating to meet the light transmission requirements for migratory fish. The area around the fuel pumps will be made up of concrete to mitigate spills during fuel delivery. The dock will be designed to incorporate a utility tray serving the fuel pumps and pump-a-head. The fuel pay terminal covering will also be renovated.  Construction will begin on April 13th and is is scheduled to reopen in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the “Instructions for Operation of Automated Self-Fueling Equipment” posted above the card reader / terminal, BEFORE beginning the fueling process.

During or after business hours, please call the main office number (360) 835-2196. After hours, weekends and holidays, an attendant with the Port’s monitoring company Sonitrol, will answer, take the necessary information and relay it to the proper person/agency, including Port personnel.

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