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Public Boat Launch

2024 Annual Launch Ramp Permit

Daily Permit
(Midnight to Midnight)
Motorized Watercraft

$10.00 per day


$10.00 per day per car

Annual Permit
(Valid for 2018 calendar year)
Senior Launch Permit*


Annual permits can be purchased online or at the port office
Contact us: 360-835-2196

Recreational Boater Fees (Non-Tenant) – Launch Open 24/7

* Proof of 62+ or Permanent Disability required

  • Annual permits can be purchased online.
  • Permits are valid for a calendar year – regardless of purchase date.
  • Launch ramp users are required to follow all marina and launch ramp regulations.

Boat Launch Rules and Regulations

Parker’s Landing Marina offers a 4-lane public boat launch that is accessible 24 hours a day.  There is a $10 daily launch fee which can be paid at the pay station located at the top of the launch ramp.  All daily permits must be displayed inside the vehicle, on the dashboard, visible from the outside.

These regulations, and appropriate signs describing the regulations, and the traffic patterns and parking restrictions of the Port, shall be posted at appropriate locations in the ramp and parking area. A copy of complete launch ramp regulations and policy is available at the Port office.

Any user in violation of Port regulations, or in violation of applicable federal, state and municipal laws, may be requested to leave the ramp and/or parking area. Chronic violators are subject to exclusion from the marina area, including the launch ramp and parking areas.

Any vehicle, trailer and/or boat parked in a non-designated parking area, or parked over any designated time limit in a parking area, or parked in violation of Port regulations, may be towed by a towing company to be designated by the Chief Executive Officer.

The name and phone number of the towing company shall be conspicuously posted in the ramp and/or parking areas.

A vehicle, trailer and/or boat towed and impounded will be released only after all charges and costs have been paid by the owner/operator of the boat, vehicle and/or trailer.

All persons using the ramp and/or parking areas are required to follow all signs and regulations related to traffic and parking. A vehicle parked in violation of any such signs or regulations is subject to towing and impoundment.

In an emergency situation, or when necessary to ensure the safety of persons or property utilizing Port facilities, or to carry out these regulations to ensure the proper flow of traffic, the Chief Executive Officer may require the immediate impoundment or relocation of boats, trailers, and/or vehicles. Charges for removal by a private towing company will be assessed against the owner of said property. Individuals refusing to obey the CEO related to traffic and parking regulations may be excluded from Port facilities.

Vehicles and/or trailers may be parked only in areas designated for parking, and only for the time limits, if any, authorized for those designated areas. Parking in non-designated areas will be subject to towing and impoundment. Passenger vehicles with no trailer attached are exempt from the launch/parking fees.

The maximum time for use of the ramp for launching and loading of boats is twenty (20) minutes. The maximum time limit for boats in the staging area is fifteen (15) minutes. No vehicle, trailer and/or boat shall remain parked in the parking areas for more than four (4) days without the prior written approval of the Chief Executive Officer.

Use of boat’s inboard or outboard motor to power load the boat onto a trailer at the ramp is prohibited. All boaters are to adhere to the Port’s “NO WAKE” and speed limits while in the marina. All boaters are to adhere to the U.S. Coast Guard’s federal regulations.

No garbage, trash, oil, fuel, debris or other material, liquid or solid, shall be deposited in the ramp or parking areas, except into containers provided for that specific purpose.

Pets are welcome. Please follow poop scoop regulations and clean up after them on docks as well as land.  All pets must be on a leash.

Overnight camping is not allowed on Port property.

Daily launch ramp tickets must be displayed right-side up on the driver’s side of the dashboard of the towing vehicle.

Daily launch tickets may be purchased at the launch ramp ticket machine per the posted fee. In the event a boater intends to use the ramp/parking area for more than one (1) day during any one (1) week period, then boater shall pay in advance an amount sufficient to cover all usage contemplated during the week. Daily tickets are valid for one calendar day.

The Port Commission authorizes the Port’s Chief Executive Officer to enforce these regulations by written or verbal instructions. The Chief Executive Officer may request persons violating these regulations to leave the ramp and/or parking area. The Chief Executive Officer may also request the assistance of law enforcement officers to enforce these regulations and the removal of persons and/or their property violating these regulations, and to protect property, lives or preserve the peace.

In addition to the regulations outlined, all persons using the Port’s ramp and parking area agree to obey other Port regulations as may be adopted from time to time. All federal, state and municipal laws apply to the use of the facilities, and the operation of boats, trailers and/or vehicles.

Those utilizing the ramp and/or parking areas shall ensure that their actions and property do not become a hazard to others in the area. Loud, boisterous, or lewd conduct is not permitted in the ramp and parking areas. The use of alcoholic beverages or non-prescribed controlled substances in the ramp and/or parking areas is prohibited. Operation of boats or vehicles in any area owned or controlled by the Port while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden.

Commercial operators must check in with the Port office before launching. Commercial operations are subject to separate fees and licensing apart from these regulations.

Launching Tips

1. Make sure all your gear is in the boat.
2. Loosen the transom tie-downs.
3. Unplug the trailer lights.
4. Check the drain plug and battery.
5. Attach lines for handling the boat and put on your life jackets.
6. Have your boat key in hand.

1. Switch on the bilge blower before backing down ramp.
2. Have your helper climb into the boat.
3. Back the trailer into the water to a depth that will allow the boat to slide easily off the trailer.
4. Set the parking brake.
5. Start the boat engine and allow it to warm up for a minute before unhooking the bow strap and releasing the boat.
6. Make sure the boat is under control before you set it afloat.
7. Walk your boat to the southernmost part of the dock, or (preferably) over to the staging area, and secure the boat.
8. Drive your vehicle from the ramp to the designated parking area.

1. Attach a line to the boat bow and tie the other end to your trailer bow stop, with enough slack to allow the boat to float off the trailer.
2. Back into the water and let the boat float off, then pull ahead.
3. Set the parking brake and untie the line from the trailer.
4. Follow steps 7 and 8 above.

1. Secure the boat on the trailer.
2. Immediately pull away from the ramp area before unloading gear or covering the boat.

Wayne Ortman

The atmosphere and quality of the marina is excellent. It’s a pretty good place to hang out when you have a dorsal fin on your back!

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