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Kim joined the Port in April 2007. Her education and 25+ years of experience in public service are assets to the Port. As Chief Operating Officer, Kim is responsible for the growth and profitability of The Port.

Kim Noah

Chief Operating Officer
(360) 835-2196 ext. 111 | email

Krista joined the Port in October of 2017. The Central Washington University graduate has over 14 years of experience in Accounting. She is responsible for the Port’s bank reconciliation, budgeting, financial statements, internal audits, insurance, fixed assets, the Port’s close year process and annual state audits. Her attention to detail makes her invaluable to the Port.

Krista Cagle

Director of Finance
(360) 835-2196 ext. 105 | email

Eric joined the Port in November 2010 in the position of Maintenance Assistant, bringing a background in general construction and HVAC and he currently holds the position of Facilities Manager. In 2013, Eric was given the added responsibility of overseeing and maintaining all heating/cooling services in Port-owned structures.  Eric is an invaluable team player.

Eric Plantenberg

Director of Facilities
(360) 835-2196 ext. 106 | email

Kyle joined the Port team in August 2015, in the position of Accounts Payable, IT support and managing social media. Kyle graduated from WSU, with a minor in Communications and a major in Digital Technology and Culture. With 8+ years of customer service as well, he is a valuable addition to our team.

Kyle Chinn

Accounts Payable & IT Specialist
(360) 835-2196 ext. 107 | email

Jackie joined the Port in October 2021. She brings 7 years of Port experience to her position and has her Bachelor of Business Administration. Jackie is responsible for payroll, various state reporting, and assisting the Director of Finance.

Jackie Cimino

(360) 835-2196 ext. 115 | email

Sadie joined the Port team in January 2018. With over 16 years of event planning and customer service experience, the Washington State University graduate brings a breadth of knowledge, personalized service and enthusiasm to the position. Sadie handles event planning, community outreach, marketing, social media, press releases, newsletters and assists with moorage and hangar leases.

Sadie Prodanovich

Community Relations Specialist
(360) 835-2196 ext. 103 | email

Jen joined the Port in June 2006. As Accountant, she handles accounts receivable, payroll and other related duties. In 2008, she took on the additional responsibility of Human Resources and currently leads the Port’s Safety Team. Jen’s high standards and attention to detail – critical in these important roles – serve the Port well.

Jen West

A/R & Human Resources Manager
(360) 835-2196 ext. 100 | email

Derek joined the Port September 2019 as Business Development Manager. He brings a diverse background with over 15 years business development, research, and marketing experience in Industrial Real Estate and Aviation. His responsibilities include managing current and new tenants, community outreach, and business development opportunities for Port operations.

Derek Jaeger

Director of Business Development & Real Estate
(360) 835-2196 ext. 114 | email

Debra joined the Port in 2001 and has continued to grow professionally within the organization with her experience and attention to detail. Debra is the Contract Manager for the Port and manages all contracts and their supporting documentation for all state and federal requirements.

Debra Itzen

Contract Manager
(360) 835-2196 ext. 104 | email

Juli Burnett joined the Port in April of 2021 as the Leasing Agent / Administrative Assistant .  Her attention to detail, and a diverse background in customer service and lease processing makes her a perfect addition to the Port.

Juli Burnett

Leasing Agent / Administrative Assistant
(360) 835-2196 ext. 102 | email

James Phillips joined the Port in January 2019 in the maintenance department.  Prior to coming to the Port, he started his career in large production machine manufacturing and enjoyed several more years in the fire service before becoming a diesel mechanic.  We are excited to have him aboard.

James Phillips

Maintenance III
(360) 835-2196 | email

Doris joined the Port in 1999. She is directly responsible for the manicured lawns, the seasonal flowers, and the tidy look of the Port’s property – at the Marina, Parker’s Landing Historical Park, the Airport, the Industrial Park, Capt. William Clark Park, and Steigerwald Commerce Center. Doris’ skills have helped make the Port a destination spot for many in the community.

Doris Tillman

Lead Grounds & Facilities Maintenance
(360) 835-2196 | email

Zach Jones joined the Port in January 2019 in the maintenance department.  He has worked in the billboard industry for 18 years building and maintaining with steel construction and lighting and was a crane operator for six of those 18 years. He also spent 3 years in general construction roofing, framing and remodeling.

Zach Jones

Maintenance III
(360) 835-2196 | email

Travis has been a familiar face on the launch ramp for the last dozen years. Hired full-time in January 2016, he joins the maintenance staff in a supporting role performing light maintenance. Travis is based in the Industrial Park. His background in security at local schools and experience in dealing with the public are valuable assets for the job.

Travis Edwards

Maintenance II
(360) 835-2196 | email

Alex Foyt joined the Port in April of 2019 as a Maintenance I, and is now the Asset & Safety Specialist.  Alex will be stationed in the Industrial Park and will be conducting maintenance at all operating areas for the Port.  Alex brings equipment operation and maintenance knowledge with him, and is an asset to the team.

Alex Foyt

Asset & Safety Specialist
(360) 835-2196 | email

Matt joined the Port in May of 2013 in a permanent part-time maintenance position and moved into full-time as of January 1, 2015. He assists the Harbormaster in the Marina checking the docks and boats and responding to tenants’ needs. Matt also offers his expertise as an arborist and assists with all areas of maintenance.

Matthew Cox

Assistant Harbormaster// Maintenance II
(360) 835-2196 | email

Mark joined the Port in 2005, in the role of Maintenance Assistant. Promoted to Harbormaster in 2007, he works in the Marina area, checking the docks and boats, overseeing the trailer parking area, responding to tenants’ needs, and maintaining a safe and secure marina for the public to enjoy.

Mark Hamrick

(360) 835-2196 | email

Mike Baldwin joined the Port in October of 2019 in the Maintenance Department. Prior to coming to the Port he served four years in the United States Marine Corps followed by five years in the construction industry as a framer and concrete finisher.  His skill and experience add greatly to the maintenance team.

Mike Baldwin

Maintenance II
(360) 835-2196 | email

Zeke joined the Port maintenance team in May 2021 with over 5 years of property maintenance experience. He enjoys working outside in nature and will work to keep the lawns, plants and grounds looking great throughout the Port. His experience and enthusiasm for the outdoors is great asset to the organization.

Zeke Alvarez

Grounds Maintenance
(360) 835-2196 | email

Spencer joined the Port maintenance team in July 2021. He brings with him several years of experience with street maintenance and tree service. Spencer’s enthusiasm and drive make him a great asset to the team.

Spencer Anderson

Grounds Maintenance
(360) 835-2196 | email