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Purpose of the Waterfront Project

The goal of the Waterfront Revitalization project is to bring a higher and better use to the property directly east of the Port’s Marina.


Port Waterfront Revitalization

The Port is very excited to announce a Natural Play Area will be going into the Washougal Waterfront Park and Trail next year. Sasquatch will be debuting in the play area as a vibrant piece of artwork that children can play on and interact with.  The play area will be ADA accessible and will boast a 6 foot hill slide, log scramble, vegetation tunnel, xylophone area and much more. We are so excited to have Sasquatch join our family, plus Erric the Erratic is thrilled to have a new buddy.


The Port’s goal in creating the Waterfront Vision and Master Plan was to design for the future what could be a lively, walk-able place with community gathering and character spaces, commercial, retail, mixed use and residential uses.  The design and function for the development would honor the natural beauty and history of the site and the community; along with supporting the creation of a local and regional identity for the Cities of Washougal and Camas.

Port Waterfront Revitalization

Finalized negotiations to purchase 13.23 acres of the waterfront property from developer Killian Pacific gave the Port approximately 27 acres total.  Environmental cleanup of the property (formerly the Hambleton Bros. Lumber Co.) and the highly anticipated construction of the Washougal Waterfront Park and Trail then followed.  With this groundwork in place, work began to design a vision for all 40 acres of waterfront.  The goal of both the Port and Killian Pacific being to bring this property to a higher and better use and plan to work together on a cohesive development for the entire site.

Port of Camas-Washougal received the final three dimensional presentation of the Washougal Waterfront Vision and Master Plan from Hansen-Design President, David Hansen, March 7, 2017. The Waterfront Vision and Master Plan was a multi-step process over a period of more than a year that focused on keeping the waterfront itself the “anchor” of any development possibility. With input from the Commission, staff and the community, a definitive village concept was created that included retail shops, restaurants, meeting space, office/multi-use buildings and interactive play areas for children. The design also left room for optional festival and event areas with the closure of streets. Many open spaces and view corridors to the river were incorporated, along with boardwalks to effect flow and movement from area to area. Hansen’s design philosophy was to keep in mind how it affected the community culturally now and in the future. The presentation was thoughtful and well-done, giving the Port and the community a model of what the waterfront could become.


The completion of the Washougal Waterfront Park and Trail project and the grand opening commenced on September 23, 2016.  The Port received through the Department of Ecology an Integrated Planning Grant and then a Remedial Action Grant to clean up the contamination, as well as a grant through the Washington State RCO program to construct the park and trail.  The Port’s $7.68 million investment into this site, and the State’s over $2.67 million contribution has made this project a reality.

The purpose of the Washougal Waterfront Park was to develop a community destination that connects and complements both Camas and Washougal downtown areas, while supporting the creation of a local and regional identity for the City of Washougal.  The Park itself has a large picnic shelter, benches and picnic tables scattered throughout, a giant “compass” for community events, non-motorized water-access ramp, solar operated bathrooms, rain gardens and lots of parking with access to the breakwater fishing and moorage dock.  The Park showcases a magnificent view and adds fun educational signage to help teach our future generations about the impact each person may have on the environment and what they can do.

The meandering 12-foot wide cement trail wraps completely around the park and stretches just under a mile long through scenic landscapes and beautiful nature.  Along the trail are viewpoints, interpretive signage and water access trails for those hoping to get closer to our beautiful Columbia River.  A children’s natural play area and art collaboration project will also be coming soon.


Director David Ripp secured a $200,000 Integrated Planning Grant (IPG)  to evaluate the environmental condition of the waterfront property (formerly the Hambleton Bros. Lumber Co.) prior to purchase.  After reviewing all reports, the Commission made the decision to move forward. In November 2012, the Port finalized negotiations to purchase 13.23 acres of the waterfront property from developer Killian Pacific.  “The goal of both the Port and Killian Pacific is to bring this property to a higher and better use and plan to work together on a cohesive development for the entire site,” said David Ripp, Port Executive Director.  “We also plan to seek additional grant finding for development of the Waterfront Revitalization project.” » Read more

Recreational Element / Clean-Up Process / Trail Design

See the “Trail Master Plan”, prepared by Berger/ABAM and presented to the commission at their February 18, 2014 regular meeting.

    In March 2013, a team was formed with the experience, expertise, and familiarity with the Port to develop the vision for the newly acquired Waterfront Property.  Contracts were signed with: 
  • Rod Orlando Technical Writing & Planning, to update the Port’s Recreational Lands & Facilities Element, an addendum to the Port’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements and Strategic Plan, and an important piece of the grant application process.
  • Maul, Foster & Alongi, the firm who led the IPG process, to begin the clean-up process, including obtaining grant funding, construction oversight and post-construction monitoring.  Jim Maul, President and Principal Hydrogeologist for MFA, talked about the work ahead, stating that “the clean-up will be done with the development plans in mind for this site.”
  • Berger/ABAM to develop a trail design that will one day connect Marina Park to the Washougal levee, and beyond.  They will provide the trail design and concepts for the Recreational Facilities Element, mentioned above. See the “Trail Master Plan”, prepared by Berger/ABAM and presented to the commission at their February 18, 2014 regular meeting.

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Thank you to everyone who took the Recreation and Waterfront Revitalization Survey!

The “Recreation and Waterfront Revitalization Survey,” conducted from April through September 2013, gathered public input on which Port recreational opportunities are being used and enjoyed now, as well as what the public would like to see regarding design of a new trail and park on the waterfront property east of the Marina. At the conclusion of the Survey, the data was provided to Rod Orlando Technical Writing & Planning, for inclusion in the Recreational Lands Facilities Element. » Read more

Recreational Lands & Facilities Plan Element Adopted

  • The Recreational Lands & Facilities Plan Element and Appendices (“RLFPE”) prepared by Rod Orlando Technical Writing & Planning Services, was presented to the Port Commissioners for review and discussion at their January 21, 2014 regular meeting. See Executive Summary.
  • On February 4, 2014, a public hearing was held to receive comments on the proposal to amend the Port’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements and Strategic Plan (“Strategic Plan”) by adopting the updated RLFPE. Following the public hearing, Resolution 4-14 was adopted, formalizing this action. This is an important step in the RCO grant application process.
  • RCO Grant Process

    The grant application will include the adopted RLFPE and be submitted to RCO (the Recreation and Conservation Office) in early 2014 for evaluation, seeking approval to apply for funding to cover a portion of the cost of certain projects identified in the plan.


  • Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA) Grant – Water Access / Park;
  • Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program (WWRP) Water Access Grant – Water Access / Park;
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Grant – Trail / Trailhead; and
  • Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program (WWRP) Water Trails Grant – Trail / Trailhead.

    A.  May 1, 2014 - Application Due

    B.  May-June 2014 - Four “trial run” presentations to RCO’s Technical Review Committee

    C.  July 18, 2014 - Deadline to submit finalized presentations in PowerPoint format

    D.  August 2014 - In-person presentations to RCO

    E.  October 2014 - RCO lists grants for approval by Governor

    F.  2015 Legislative Session - Final approval

    G.  May 2015 - Award of Grants

    Port and Washougal Partner with PSU in a Waterfront Vision Plan

    From January through June 2014, a team of students from Portland State University’s Master Urban and Regional Planning program - operating under the name ‘Convergence Community Planning’ - conducted a community engagement process, building on the Port’s ongoing public involvement efforts during the Integrated Planning Grant and Waterfront Revitalization project, to develop a community vision for the waterfront that connects and complements the downtown, and supports the creation of a local and regional identity for the City of Washougal.

    Through stakeholder interviews, one-on-one dialogue with Washougal Business owners and organizations, Tourism and Waterfront Surveys, and a ‘First Friday’ event in downtown Camas, the student team gathered public input and feedback.  The outreach events also included a guided tour of the waterfront site and a community Recognition Event in appreciation of the public’s participation toward development of a Waterfront Vision Plan. The Plan was presented to the Port and the City of Washougal in June 2014.  To view the final Waterfront Vision Plan, see the project website at http://www.washougalwaterfront.com.

    Hovee Marketing Analysis of Waterfront Site

    The Port contracted with E.D. Hovee and Company, LLC to do a market analysis of the waterfront property, which was presented to the Port Commission on June 17, 2014.  “Along with the Port’s public involvement efforts and the PSU Waterfront Vision Plan, the Hovee report is yet another tool in the Port’s toolbox when planning the waterfront development,” said Port Executive Director David Ripp. “Part of our mission statement is to develop effective partnerships that enhance the community’s quality of life by bringing jobs, infrastructure, and recreational opportunities to East Clark County.  All of these resources will assist the Port as we move forward.”  Click here to read the Waterfront Market & Development Scenarios Analysis

    Site Clean-Up

    In August 2014, using proceeds from insurance policies held by the Port (on this once-port-owned property) plus additional DOE funding, the site cleanup began. Contractor McDonald Excavating, Inc. dug eight test pits to investigate the metal “anomaly” (potentially buried transformers) detected in an above-ground scan earlier this year. Discovered were old train track and miscellaneous metal piping and rigging. Finding no issues, the former “log pond” was filled in, capped with demarcation material and covered over with several feet of clean fill dirt - all approved by Ecology. The monitoring wells that were part of the environmental study were decommissioned, followed by final grading of the site and hydro seeding.

    Grants Awarded

    In 2015, the Port was pleased to learn of award of $1.7 Million in grants to fund a new waterfront park and trail which will link to Marina Park on the west and eventually to the Washougal levee to the east. The future park has been formally named “Washougal Waterfront Park” and it and the new trail will be part of a larger regional trail system beginning at Lacamas Heritage Trail and extending through the Lacamas Park Trail system, the Washougal River Greenway Trail, the Washougal Waterfront Trail, Steamboat Landing, the Levee Trail, Steigerwald Lake Wildlife Refuge Trail and finally to the Gorge Towns to Trail system in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. The infusion of the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)  $1.7 Million will be in the form of reimbursement for costs spent on construction of the new park and trail. The Port’s trail is identified as Phase 1. The City of Washougal is currently preparing its application for the next round of RCO grant funding toward construction of Phase 2:  a trail connecting the Port’s trail at the east end of the waterfront to the west end of the existing levee trail..

    Project Images
    (Updated 9/2015)

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    April 18-22, 2013–Stakeholder Interviews

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    Timeline for 2013 Survey & Public Process

    Ongoing updates posted to webpage and reported at regular commission meetings.

    April thru September 2013Survey Responses (5 MB)

    September 24, 2013 – 2nd Open House

    August 17, 2013 – Concert & Survey Opportunity

    July 30, 2013 – 1st Open House

    July 4, 2013 – Concert & Survey Opportunity

    June 20, 2013 – Port Sponsors CW Chamber - Survey Opportunity

    June 11, 2013 – Dept. of Ecology Public Forum

    May 15, 2013 – Online Survey Available

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