Port of Camas-Washougal

RV Camping


RV Camping

RV Definition

A vehicular type unit primarily designed for recreational camping, travel, or seasonal use, which has its own mode of power or is mounted on or towed by another vehicle. The basic entities are travel or “fifth wheel” trailer, camping trailer, camper, motor home and multi-use vehicles.

The pitching of tents, open camping and sleeping in passenger vehicles (other than those described above) is NOT allowed

All RV units must be self-contained (water and sewage).

Electrical is NOT available.

The Port does have an RV Dump Station available for use for an additional $5.00 per dump.


RV parking is NOT allowed weekends or holidays Memorial Day thru Labor Day, except during fishing tournaments and Opening and Closing Day events.

Parking is limited to the designated area only (see flyer). Approximately 10 spaces are available.

Maximum Stay: 4 Nights out of 10

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RV Camping and Launch

RV Camping Overnight

2018 Guest Amenities

Upon arrival, please pay at the Front office, front office Dropbox or at our pay station by Credit Card. Please display your receipt clearly in the front window of your Truck or Trailer to avoid a ticket.