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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Updates

As property is acquired and/or deemed surplus to Port needs, the Port's Strategic Plan is amended to reflect that action. "The Strategic Plan is an important resource and a living document which the Commissioners and Staff utilize on an ongoing basis," said Executive Director, David Ripp. "Regular review and update of the Plan to reflect the Port's accomplishments and vision for the future ensures its viability as we move forward." To read the current Strategic Plan, see "Strategic Plan" on the right.

"Strategic Plan" Adopted December 21, 2010

After more than a year of meetings, workshops, public comment, and input from local jurisdictions, the Port adopted the renamed plan: “Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements and Strategic Plan” reflecting the Port's focus on leveraging the public's investment to serve the interests of the broader community. As part of this process, the Port's Mission Statement was also updated:

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Port of Camas-Washougal to make strategic investments and develop effective partnerships that enhance the community's quality of life by bringing jobs, infrastructure, and recreational opportunities to East Clark County.

In 2009, the Port undertook the task of reviewing the entire Plan, beginning with an on-line survey via the Port's website, one-on-one interviews with stakeholders, and gathering public comment. Click on the image for a full size view of the entire process at a glance.

The real benefit of the strategic planning process is the process, not the plan document. There is no such thing as a perfect plan; what's important is doing your best at strategic thinking and learning from what you're doing to enhance what you're doing the next time around. The strategic planning process is usually not an "aha!" experience. It's like the management process itself -- it's a series of small moves that together keep the organization doing things right as it heads in the right direction. In planning, things usually aren't as bad as you fear nor as good as you'd like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a document that provides a broad, general statement of policy and serves as a road map for decisions relating to the development and use of a port's resources in the improvement of its community. The Port of Camas-Washougal's Comprehensive Plan describes the Port's plans for current and future development in general terms. The plan assists the Port in making long-range decisions regarding the development, operation, acquisition, or sale of Port properties. The plan also assists neighboring jurisdictions and the community in making decisions that influence the Port's activities. The Port's resources include a marina, airport, and industrial park properties. » Read more

Why was a Plan Update Needed?

The Port recognized changes in the economy and in community needs since the last update of its comprehensive plan in 1999. An update retains what is still useful and changes the content that needs revision. The plan sets forth policies that reflect the vision and values of the community. An updated plan is a more effective guide for the Port Commission and staff, establishing clear priorities with actions to achieve them, and guides the Port by outlining a vision for its future economic development initiatives and the steps to expand existing economic opportunities. » Read more

What was the Process?

The plan update process included:

  • Identifying the Port’s primary vision
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews to identify opportunities and get feedback
  • Evaluating the Port’s primary vision in light of the stakeholder feedback received
  • Determining which changes the current plan needs to help the Port achieve its vision
  • Drafting changes to the current plan
  • Reviewing the draft with key partners and the community
  • Considering feedback and revising the plan
  • Adopting the final plan at a public hearing

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What was the Purpose of Stakeholder Interviews?

Interviewees were asked to share their awareness of the Port and its authority, opinions on the Port’s current performance as an economic development partner, ideas on area improvements, perspectives on potential opportunities and priorities, expectations for economic development accomplishments, views on partnership opportunities in the community, and where leadership can be demonstrated. Approximately 30 stakeholder interviews were conducted in September 2009. Interviewees represented elected officials and staff of local jurisdictions, economic development entities, large and small employers, tenants and users of Port facilities, and other leaders in the community. Additional outreach to the community also helped the port determine appropriate goals and objectives of the plan update. » Read more