Port of Camas-Washougal


Q: Did the Port of Camas-Washougal have a current Comprehensive Plan to follow during the assessment process?

A: The 1999 Comprehensive Plan was followed and included guidance for development of Port lands. The Plan was updated in 2010, and renamed: "Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements and Strategic Plan."

Q: Does the Port own the land adjacent to the Steigerwald National Refuge?

A: The Port and the City of Washougal both own land adjacent to the Refuge. [See the Project Area Map here.]

Q: What was the current zoning for the Subject Property at the time of the assessment?

A: 'Heavy Industrial'.

Q: Will the current zoning change when the Subject Property is developed?

A: No. In June 2008, the Port of Camas-Washougal completed a "Rezone Assessment" - a public process to consider future employment uses east of the Port's current industrial park (nka Steigerwald Commerce Center) and whether the current zoning was compatible with such uses. As a result, the Board reached consensus that the wisest and best use of the East Industrial Park would be a mix - or hybrid - of both business and industrial uses, which the current zoning would support.

Q: How will the added traffic in the Industrial Park impact the current street layout?

A: The traffic plan is adequate for current and future industrial uses. The Port will consider modifications as specific details for future development become available.

Q: Will new development in the Steigerwald Commerce Center have additional access to SR-14?

A: Depending on any new proposal specifics, planning with WSDOT for additional highway access will be pursued.

Q: How does the waste transfer site fit with current industrial and future alternative uses and zoning?

A: The east county waste transfer site involved a 10-year permitting process, including an Environmental Assessment. The study considered existing industrial park zoning and adjacent recreational uses. The Clark County Solid Waste Advisory Commission and the City of Washougal incorporated extensive public comment into their recommendations to the County's permit process.

Q: Will existing rail service be expanded to any new park development area?

A: The planned expansion of the Industrial Park incorporates partnering with BNSF to provide additional rail facilities. New development standards and visioning may affect how much and where additional rail assets are utilized.

Industrial Park Boundary