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We thank Legacy Contracting, Inc. and Wolseley Industrial Group who worked seamlessly with one another and a myriad of other professionals (electricians, plumbers, etc.) to coordinate the timing and completion of each task in this major undertaking to improve the Marina.

Purpose of Project

This project was undertaken to improve the quality and quantity of features offered to the public who utilize the Marina area.

  • “H-Dock offered uncovered moorage for boats up to 20’ in length. This project reconfigured that dock into 14 uncovered slips for 35’ vessels.
  • The original wooden pilings were deteriorating and replaced by new 65' tall steel pilings.
  • The original headwalks (the walkways along the shoreline) were replaced with open-work fiberglass grating. The open grating allows light to access the shoreline waters and is a fish-friendly option, endorsed by the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.
  • Engineering, Contract, and Timeline

    Waterfront Engineering, an Oregon firm, worked closely with the Port for over a year to finalize the design of the project.

    On June 4, 2013, a contract for the entire project was awarded to Legacy Contracting, Inc., in the amount of $403,949.50. Legacy is a local company with an impressive work history in other marinas.

    The floats for G and H Docks were constructed by local company Wolseley Industrial Group, located in the Port’s Washougal Industrial Park.

    The steel piling was provided by National Pipe and Piling, also in the Industrial Park.

    Piling replacement during the in-water work window of October 1 through November 30 (which is determined by the Corps of Engineers and Dept. of Fish & Wildlife) was successfully completed by the contractor. Work on the headwalks and G and H Docks began October 2013, and were completed early 2014.

    Project Contact

    Program Manager:

    Direct: 360-335-3685
    Cell: 360-713-4288

    Monthly Project Updates

    April 2014

    Since June 2013, regular updates have appeared in the newsletters and on the website in an effort to keep tenants informed about the extensive projects undertaken to improve our Marina. These ongoing updates were not only helpful, but essential from a safety standpoint during the pile driving and headwalk replacement. This will be the final update. All contracted work has been completed and Port staff is wrapping up the utility work. These final tasks should not impact our tenants' use of their boats; however, for questions about the project, please contact Project Manager Jeramy Wilcox at 360-949-3904. And, THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

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    March 2014

    + Installation of utilities including all new dry lines, water lines, and sewer lines has begun.

    + H-Dock's fourteen 35' uncovered slips are ready for occupancy, with metered electricity available.

    + BE AWARE: Until the Maintenance Crew has completed the utility work, continue to be careful. The deck grating on all new docks, including headwalks, will remain "loose" until all utilities are in place.

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    February 2014

    + Work is wrapping up and Legacy Contracting is finished with the overall project: pilings, headwalks and reconfiguring H-Dock.

    + The plumbing and electrical work is expected to be completed by the time this arrives in your mailbox; and

    + Port maintenance crew will begin installing all new dry lines, water lines and sewer lines in the next few weeks, once the issues that arose during the snow and ice are resolved.

    + NOTE: While the maintenance crew takes up where the contractor left off on the utility work, the deck grating on all new docks, including headwalks, will remain "loose" until ALL utilities are in place.

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    January 2014

    + Plumbing on the newly rebuilt H-Dock is now complete.

    + Work on Gate 4 Lower Landing Flotation continues.

    + The final fit for pile hoops and transition plates will be done in January.

    + NOTE: The deck grating on all new docks, including headwalks, will remain "loose" until all utilities are in place.

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    December 2013

    + Piling replacement was completed as of November 27, 2013.

    + The new H-Dock floats are installed and electricians and plumbers are on track to finish utilities by mid-January 2014.

    + All new headwalks are in place; working on added flotation for lower landing Gates 3 & 4. Also working on final fit for the bull rail, pile hoops and transition plates on the headwalks.

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    November 2013

    + Piling replacement is 80% complete and on target to finish by November 30.

    + H-Dock floats are completely installed; electricians are working on power pedestals.

    + Headwalks are 50% complete in the lower Marina. Upon completion of the piling work, contractor will finish the headwalks in the lower Marina, with all other headwalk replacements due to be completed by the end of January 2014.

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    October 2013

    + Extremely low water necessitated delay to October 1 start date.

    + Contractor is expected to be in the water by October 22nd.

    + Once begun, removal and replacement of pilings will take approximately 2-1/2 weeks.

    + Work on other aspects of the Marina projects may occur during the piling work.

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    September 2013

    + Contact tenants moored in the "construction zone" with options for temporary alternative moorage.

    + Monitor progress of dock construction at Wolseley.

    + Prepare proper notifications for DF&W permit requirements.

    + Begin removal of dock utilities and install temporary fire lines, per Washougal Fire Marshall.

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    August 2013

    + Finalizing details of dock construction.

    + Plan to inspect first set of docks delivered by the fabricators to Wolseley.

    + Photos of new docks w/pontoons coming soon.

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    July 2013

    + Pre-construction meeting this month with the contractor to go over project details.

    + Staff is moving forward on plans to ready the docks for the contractor.

    + The in-water work will begin on schedule: October 1, 2013

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    June 2013

    Information on several major Marina projects and how they may impact moorage tenants will appear here each month.

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