Port of Camas-Washougal

Fueling Dock

Marina Fuel - Non-Ethanol

(As of 09-05-18)

89 OCTANE $4.719/gal
DIESEL $3.519/gal

How do these prices compare to other marinas?

Columbia Crossings Columbia River Portland, OR 503-283-4942
Donaldson Marina Columbia River Portland, OR 503-288-6169
Fred’s Marina Multnomah Channel Portland, OR 503-286-5537
Port of Kalama Columbia River Kalama, WA 360-673-2325
Larson’s Moorage Multnomah Channel Portland, OR 503-286-1233

Fuel Tax Refund Available

Did you know that one way to offset a portion of your outlay for Unleaded boating fuel is to apply for a Fuel Tax Refund through the Washington State Department of Licensing?
To apply go online to: DOL Tax Refund to complete an application. For more information, please call the Fuel Tax Refund Unit at 360-644-1838.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy fuel?

Available 24/7

How do I pay?

CREDIT or DEBIT ONLY: Card must have a VISA or MasterCard logo. No PIN number required.

No discounts available.

How do I operate the self-pay equipment?

Please read the “Instructions for Operation of Automated Self-Fueling Equipment” posted above the card reader / terminal, BEFORE beginning the fueling process.
No PIN Number is required.

What if I need assistance?

During or after business hours, please call the main office number 360-835-2196. After hours, weekends and holidays, an attendant with the Port's monitoring company Sonitrol, will answer, take the necessary information and relay it to the proper person/agency, including Port personnel.