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Waterfront Revitalization

Purpose of the Project

The goal of the Waterfront Revitalization project is to bring a higher and better use to the property directly east of the Port’s Marina.

Port Waterfront Revitalization


[Updated February 2014]

How Did We Get Here?

Director David Ripp secured a $200,000 Integrated Planning Grant (IPG)  to evaluate the environmental condition of the waterfront property (formerly the Hambleton Bros. Lumber Co.) prior to purchase.  After reviewing all reports, the Commission made the decision to move forward. In November 2012, the Port finalized negotiations to purchase 13.23 acres of the waterfront property from developer Killian Pacific.  “The goal of both the Port and Killian Pacific is to bring this property to a higher and better use and plan to work together on a cohesive development for the entire site,” said David Ripp, Port Executive Director.  “We also plan to seek additional grant finding for development of the Waterfront Revitalization project.” » Read more

Recreational Element / Clean-Up Process / Trail Design

See the “Trail Master Plan”, prepared by Berger/ABAM and presented to the commission at their February 18, 2014 regular meeting.

    In March 2013, a team was formed with the experience, expertise, and familiarity with the Port to develop the vision for the newly acquired Waterfront Property.  Contracts were signed with: 
  • Rod Orlando Technical Writing & Planning, to update the Port’s Recreational Lands & Facilities Element, an addendum to the Port’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements and Strategic Plan, and an important piece of the grant application process.
  • Maul, Foster & Alongi, the firm who led the IPG process, to begin the clean-up process, including obtaining grant funding, construction oversight and post-construction monitoring.  Jim Maul, President and Principal Hydrogeologist for MFA, talked about the work ahead, stating that “the clean-up will be done with the development plans in mind for this site.”
  • Berger/ABAM to develop a trail design that will one day connect Marina Park to the Washougal levee, and beyond.  They will provide the trail design and concepts for the Recreational Facilities Element, mentioned above. See the “Trail Master Plan”, prepared by Berger/ABAM and presented to the commission at their February 18, 2014 regular meeting.

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Thank you to everyone who took the Recreation and Waterfront Revitalization Survey!

The “Recreation and Waterfront Revitalization Survey,” conducted from April through September 2013, gathered public input on which Port recreational opportunities are being used and enjoyed now, as well as what the public would like to see regarding design of a new trail and park on the waterfront property east of the Marina. At the conclusion of the Survey, the data was provided to Rod Orlando Technical Writing & Planning, for inclusion in the Recreational Lands Facilities Element. » Read more

Dept. of Ecology Public Forum

As part of the Department of Ecology’s own separate public process in connection with clean-up of the waterfront property, Ecology held an open public forum on June 11 at the Port from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. to receive comments.

Port Holds Open Houses - July 30 & September 24, 2013

The focus of both Open Houses was the updated Recreational Lands & Facilities Element. Also presented was information on the waterfront clean-up, as well as preliminary design work on layout of the new trail and park. Project consultants were on hand to greet and inform the local citizens, elected officials, Port tenants and other friends and neighbors who attended. A variety of maps, photos and artist renderings were on display and handouts were available. Attendees were invited to write down their ideas and additional suggestions for the waterfront development. (See “Open House Documents” on the right.) » Read more

Recreational Lands & Facilities Plan Element Adopted

  • The Recreational Lands & Facilities Plan Element and Appendices (“RLFPE”) prepared by Rod Orlando Technical Writing & Planning Services, was presented to the Port Commissioners for review and discussion at their January 21, 2014 regular meeting. See Executive Summary.
  • On February 4, 2014, a public hearing was held to receive comments on the proposal to amend the Port’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements and Strategic Plan (“Strategic Plan”) by adopting the updated RLFPE. Following the public hearing, Resolution 4-14 was adopted, formalizing this action. This is an important step in the RCO grant application process.
  • RCO Grant Process

  • The grant application will include the adopted RLFPE and be submitted to RCO (the Recreation and Conservation Office) in early 2014 for evaluation, seeking approval to apply for funding to cover a portion of the cost of certain projects identified in the plan.
  • Port and Washougal Partner with PSU in a Waterfront Vision Plan

    A team of students from the Master Urban and Regional Planning program - operating under the name ‘Convergence Community Planning’ - will undertake a community engagement process, building on the Port’s ongoing public involvement efforts during the Integrated Planning Grant and Waterfront Revitalization project, to develop a community vision for the waterfront that connects and complements the downtown, and supports the creation of a local and regional identity for the City of Washougal.  To view the current Work Plan, see the project website at http://www.washougalwaterfront.com. or download the 12mb work plan here!

    Coming Up

    The Port continues to move forward, working with Maul, Foster & Alongi to prepare for site cleanup, expected to begin in Summer of 2014.

    In 2015, the Port hopes to announce a successful outcome to its RCO grant application to fund a new waterfront trail that one day will connect Marina Park to the Washougal levee and points east!

    Timeline for 2013 Survey & Public Process

    Ongoing updates posted to webpage and reported at regular commission meetings.

    April thru September 2013Survey Responses (5 MB)

    September 24, 2013 – 2nd Open House

    August 17, 2013 – Concert & Survey Opportunity

    July 30, 2013 – 1st Open House

    July 4, 2013 – Concert & Survey Opportunity

    June 20, 2013 – Port Sponsors CW Chamber - Survey Opportunity

    June 11, 2013 – Dept. of Ecology Public Forum

    May 15, 2013 – Online Survey Available

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    April 18-22, 2013–Stakeholder Interviews

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    Project Images

    Port Waterfront Revitalization

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