Port of Camas-Washougal

Steigerwald Commerce Center Master Planning

Purpose of the Project

Creating a master redevelopment plan for Steigerwald Commerce Center will seek to maximize the economic potential of the Port of Camas/Washougal's assets and provide predictability during future phases of development, while maintaining flexibility needed to meet the demands of a dynamic market. This directly ties to the Port's Mission Statement: "The Port of Camas-Washougal's mission is to provide economic and recreational benefits to the Camas/Washougal area while increasing the quality of life throughout the region."

This 120+ acres of land known as Steigerwald Commerce Center is the largest contiguous area of undeveloped industrial property in Clark County today.

Steigerwald Commerce Center Development Standards

In February 2010, a "Final Draft" of the Development Standards for Steigerwald Commerce Center was completed. Download the Draft Standards here:

Steigerwald Commerce Center Development Standards

These Development Standards are intended to govern new development and redevelopment within the Steigerwald Commerce Center. Application of these Standards will attract new industry and jobs to the Industrial Park and ensure that development within the Park respects the natural environment.

The Development Standards will be finalized and submitted to the City of Washougal for approval once the Port has a site specific development plan for “Phase I” -- the northwest corner of Steigerwald Commerce Center. [Note: Phase I has no wetland impacts.]

Toward that end, the Port has begun work on wetland delineation and strategic planning, as well as a long-term conceptual vision of the site with engineering firm MacKay & Sposito.


In March 2010, groundwater monitoring was initiated to determine the exact location of wetlands over the entire site. During this process, the Port learned that the diversion structure located at Gibbons Creek has failed to accomplish the intended goal of conveying excess stormwater runoff to Steigerwald Lake for storage and eventual disbursement via infiltration and/or via the Gibbons Creek Remnant Channel. Instead, the excess runoff is being conveyed to the Port’s flood control pump station where it is pumped to the Columbia River. (The diversion structure was designed and installed by the Army Corps of Engineers in the early 1990’s.) Over the course of many months, the Port has worked with the Corps to determine the impact on future development of Steigerwald Commerce Center and to develop a corrective course of action. This process is ongoing.

Although the Corps is still working on corrective action, it has concluded that the excess runoff being diverted through the Port’s pump station does not negatively impact the ability of the pump station to handle additional runoff from future development. The Port subsequently began preliminary engineering for Phase I.

In May 2012, the Port contracted with MacKay & Sposito for Phase 1 civil engineering; and with Ecological Land Services for environmental services; and with Columbia West Engineering for geotechnical services.


MacKay & Sposito and the Port have put together a Draft Site Plan to show the flexibility of lot sizes (how they can be laid out on the site), as well as the phasing of the street layout. The Port’s goal is to market a range of smaller, mid-size and larger lots to offer something that’s not available elsewhere in Clark County. Download the map here:Draft Site Plan

Grants Awarded

In April 2012, the Port received $1.5 million in grant monies for the Port's Phase 1 of Steigerwald Commerce Center development. This resulted from an invitation early in 2012 to submit a future infrastructure project to be considered for a State funded grant under the Capital Budget's “Jobs Bond Package.”

In May 2012, the Port was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Community Economic Recovery Board for Steigerwald Commerce Center Phase 1 development.


On August 16, 2012, local, county and state dignitaries participated in a Groundbreaking Ceremony on the site of Phase 1 of Steigerwald Commerce Center. The first phase, expected to take 60 days, will include 2,500 linear feet of street and make available 30 to 40 acres of "pad-ready" property.

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