Port of Camas-Washougal

Hangars and Tie-Downs

Hangars & Tiedowns

The Port of Camas/Washougal offers 79 hangars and 14 tie-downs for lease, with a 2-month minimum lease period, and month-to-month thereafter. The commission reviews hangar and tie-down rates annually, with any adjustments effective the following January 1.

To learn more about leasing a hangar or tie-down, please call the port office (360) 835-2196 during regular business hours. For related costs, please see the current Schedule of Rates & Fees.

Waiting List

The port maintains a waiting list for those wishing to lease a hangar OR for current tenants wishing to relocate to another hangar that better suits their needs.

To get on the waiting list click on “Waiting List Application.” For additional information, see “How the Waiting List Works.”

For more information, please stop by or call the port office (360-835-2196) during regular business hours.

February 2015 - Airport Regulations Under Review

In light of the fire in C-Row Hangars in October 2014, tenant concerns, and periodic review of port policies, the Airport Regulations and Policies have been reviewed and revised with a focus on SAFETY. This process involved discussion and public input opportunities during several commission meetings; presenting proposed revisions to CWAA during a membership meeting; Port staff contacting both public and private airports - online and in person - to research other hangar use policies; and posting each revised draft to the Port website. [See "Airport Regulations & Policies (Revised 3/18/2015) under the heading Information and Forms on the right side of this page.]